Avocado Toast and Lox

Lox of Luvvvv. One of my favorite quick and easy breakfast in the morning would have to be a toast and avocado combo. I love using avocado as a substitute for butter because 1) it's so creamy and 2) it's green so it has to be healthy right?!

On another note, finding a the perfect gluten free bread can be difficult. I've tried so many that are too "cardboard like", "only good toasted", and "really brittle". Until... Trader Joe's started carrying an amazing gluten free multi-grain bread! It's probably my favorite bread out there on the market.


Toast #1:

Trader Joes Gluten Free MultiGrain Bread Toasted Light Cream Cheese Egg Whites (2) Lox

Sprinkle of everything bagel toppings for some flavor!

Toast #2:

Trader Joe's Gluten Free MultiGrain Bread Toasted

Avocado Mashed

Egg White

Toppings again😋

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